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...He is a great support of the House Music community whenever and were ever he can but, has also seen many clubs and parties come and go.


Now during the second half of his life, he has opened a new chapter and his love for House Music has taken him to the DJ booth. It happened one night in 2011 while hanging with his DJ family at one of the local spots when he decided that he wanted to play House. His journey started with family steering him in the right direction, with equipment, music and the right thought pattern, since he was making a transition from the dance floor to the booth. He has come a long way since his first set up and has felt the need to upgrade twice since then.


Tony Daniels has only been in the game a short period of time, but with the support of his DJ family he has been able to reach a number of highs being the “new” kid on the block. He started with CD’s and pod-casts wanting people to just listen, but, now he is an active member of One House One Nation, Collective Minds and now one of the latest members of Face The Bass Live.