(continued from FTB DJ's)


...Sheltergirl is known for her skills on the dance floor as a dancer. She is also one of the creators of the now monthly party at Langstons 1073 Atlantic Avenue called, We Love House NYC in Brooklyn, NY.


Her start with DJing began one day when she said she was going to play on the first and prior, FaceTheBass.Com as a joke and was told by Speedy to go ahead.  So Sheltergirl did just that and became well liked for playing what she knows best, "Classics". Her show was extremely popular and drew many fans however, school and family commitments conflicted with her commitment with doing her show and unfortunately, she had to let it go.  But fast forwarding into the future, she is has returned with a vengeance with the site that believed in her and she is welcomed back to the new, FaceTheBassLive with open arms. 


Presently, Sheltergirl is one of the rotating DJ's at Starlite Lounge 1084 Bergen St. in Brooklyn, New York.  Furthermore, in addition to DJing, she is studying photography and presently taking a Digital Art course so that she can add photos to all of her events.