"Perhaps there are not stars in the sky, but rather openings where loved ones shine down to let us know they are happy." - Anonymous



A Celebration of Life

we celebrate life honoring the accomplishments of the artist who has walked this path.

we celebrate life appreciating their musical journey shared with us

we celebrate life with raised hands in celebrating the accomplishments made during the dash in one's life

and,we all have grieved at one point for these remarkable artist but... today we celebrate their lives

so, let's rejoice in the beauty of a sunrise,

the serenity of a sunset,

the soulfulness of house and remember "our" artist whose rhythmic joy touched our lives as they moved toward that wonderful club above - TODAY we celebrate you!


























































FTB  LIVE  PAYS  TRIBUTE  TO our djs who have passed ♥


(July 15, 1970 - November 10, 2005), Eklips was born in Northern New Jersey and grew up in the town of Vauxhall (Union, NJ).


Flashing back to 1998, his undeniable passion for music, especially House Music, was the spark that led him and his uncle, DJ Bassx to start, "Bassline Entertainment". Here, was where DJ's in the area were able to express themselves through the music they loved and 'House Heads" were able to come to be musically and soulfully satisfied by downloading mix sets done by local artist. But, for Fred and Bassx, this wasn't enough. They didn't want listeners to be "just satisfied", he desired to "put some bass in ya face" while bringing out the 'House Sexual" in everyone.


Within two years, Face The Bass (FTB), a LIVE internet radio show made it's debut on 'Downshift Radio'. But, it didn't end there, FTB sets was also heard on 'Jersey DJ's'. And, even this wasn't enough to quench Fred's thrist. Soon thereafter, he launched FACETHEBASS.COM, which immediately joined the ranks of being recognized as one of the first live internet radio sites established.


Eklips passed in 2005, however his musical child, "FACETHEBASS.COM " continues to be a vessel for unknown DJ and reknowned DJ's from all over the globe to be heard.


In our hearts, Eklips will always be remembered, loved and honored. Rest In Peace Always, My Brother!!

KARLON TAYLOR BROOKS  (11/30/78 - (04/28/08)

Karlon was born and raised in Newark, NJ. At a tender age of 5 years old, music was already his destiny. Known in the music industry as simply, “KT”, this soulful singer hailed at a very small stature but had a very big soulful voice. He possessed the mixed styles of such artist like, Peabo Bryson, Whitney Houston and Donnie Hathaway and listening to his vocals will blow your mind and soothe your heart all at the same time!


During his musical career, KT worked with a number of established people in the music industry on such projects like, Kenny Bobien’s, “Superficial People”, “Another Day”, and “I Shall Not Be Moved”, J.R. Morrison, “Affection” and “Love To The World” and Barbara Tucker’s, “Sunshine After The Rain”. He was also a writer and vocalist on many well known and celebrated house tracks like, “It’s Your Life”, “Joy To The World”, “Behold the Son”, "Run Free" and “How Do I Let Go”. In addition, KT has been instrumental in lending to his soulful, smooth and passionate voice to producers such as, Dennis Ferrer, Kerri Chandler, Jovonn, Louie Gorbea, Joe Flame and DJ Speedy to name a few.


And, although, KT was busy with well known producers writing music, laying vocals, and working on tracks, KT always found time to give back to his fans every Sunday morning, with his show titled, "Morning Glory".


Sadly, in the year of 2008, KT succumbed to pneumonia leaving behind family, close friends and many devoted fans. His legacy and stellar music will always be remembered and loved in the House community. R.I.P.

JOE NEGRON  (? - (03/10)

Joe was born in Rio, Piedras, Puerto Rico. He came to the United States from Bayamon, Puerto Rico and was raised in Newark, NJ. He always had a passion for music starting at the age of thirteen and freelanced with a lot of salsa bands but always made time for his 1200 Technics turntables.


Joe spent most of his time spinning music and had joined “Rock Da Flow Entertainment.” And, he was known for saying, “There is no party big or small that we are not willing to rock!” But unfortunately in March of 2010, FTB fans suffered the loss of a great DJ and friend.


DJ Joe will always be remembered and missed by all. R.I.P.

LEN WALKER  (? - (05/10)

Len was first introduced to turntables by his friend producer Winston Jones. Soon after, he went on to hold a residency for ten years at Club Equs in Brooklyn and while there Len learned and crafted various styles and types of music from Latin, Haitian, African and his pride and joy, House. After ten years Len decided to give up the music and start a family but the urge kept calling him back. Len would play at private functions, but he has also played at various venues with such DJs as, Jeremiah Santiago (FTL), Rob Lewis, Nicky P, Karizma, Martinez Brothers, DJ Speedy, DJ Cameron (Club Langston), and DJ Jeff Jazzy.


Len Walker was loved by many and his memory will not be forgotten. R.I.P.