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...Annamae is a self-taught DJ with a mission of purpose, to inspire all who have a burning desire to artfully express themselves from within as a creation of happiness!


She has been blessed with the opportunity to share her message through music as a guest DJ in some local Baltimore and DC venues. Paradox, Jimmy Valentines, Saint Mary's, just to name a few, also recently featured on WEAA 88.9FM for Female DJ month on the Audio Infusion show, as well as meeting other great DJ's and people along the way! Some of her local inspiring DJ's are "The Girl Squad" Ultra Nate and Lisa Moody, Sam the Man Burns, Quietboy, Dee Clark, DJ Tony Daniels, Teddy Douglas, Tommy Davis, Biskit, and many more! And her world known inspirational DJ's are Black Coffee, Louie Vega, Frankie Knuckles, Osunlade, Torchered Soul and many others.


She continues to share her music inspiration as an uplifting gift to all who are open to receive her message of passion through 'Moods in Motion' online radio show. Be the change! Create, express, believe, dream all with peace and happiness! One people, One world, One love!