About Us


Face The Bass Live and Face The Bass Productions is steadfast in extending our love for House Music by providing an eclectic experience that is never forgotten.

However, with sorrow and a heavy heart, we officially announce the decision to close Face The Bass Live on a permanent basis. Face The Bass Live has enjoyed a wonderful team of DJ's and fans since its inception in 2000 and we have crossed some major milestones in those years. However, circumstances now do not allow us to continue working with the same fervor that we exhibited back then.


We deeply appreciate our association over the years, and regret the events which have made this decision necessary. We do not consider this the end as we will continue operate Face The Bass Records. We hope that you will be successful in everything that you do from this point. We would like to thank everyone who contributed to the many years of bringing you some of the best in house music.


Pete Sierra, our Director of Operations, will be carrying the torch and starting his own site which will host all the current FTB DJ's and all new comers looking for a site to play on and if interested in becoming one of his DJS, please contact him on : http://www.housegrooveradio.com/


Meet the Team

Allen "Dj Speedy" Jackson, Owner and Chief Executive Officer

Veronica "Utopia" Ramos-Jackson, Chief Operating Officer and President